The power of your voice

Do you know...
Do you even realize...

I mean, do you even have a clue how powerful your voice is?

How much what you say can impact another?
How much you need to be heard?

Right now, there is someone out there that needs to hear from you.

They need to know your WHY. They need your service. They need your bravery. They need your encouragement. They need your wisdom.

You have plenty to say. Don’t kid yourself by believing that you don’t know your message. You do. In your heart. Deep in your soul.

It’s the whisper that keeps you going when things get tough. It’s the mantra you repeat just before putting yourself out there in the most uncomfortable way. It’s the belief you hold so dear that it makes you get up each morning. It’s what you know to be true down to the core of your soul.

What is yours? I’ll go first.

This is my message to myself and my community:

We are all connected. We are all one. Everyone has a voice, a story, a desire to be heard. Your voice matters. Your story matters. You matter. We all have a purpose and yours is to speak up, create ripples, and spark a revolution.

Imagine when you are so driven by your own message that you can’t not speak out.

That’s where I’m at. You’ve been warned ;)


There’s no formula to crafting your brand message. It’s part heart, part soul, part tears, part fear, and a dab of magic. Sometimes it helps to do it with a group of people who love you, care about your success, and are open to give you gentle feedback (unless you just can’t see the awesomeness that we see - then it could be a forceful loving nudge).

I’m putting together a small group coaching program for just a few women who are looking to find their voice, craft their message, and get out into the world in a bigger way. Sound interesting? Email me at[ authenticbuzz at gmail dot com] for more details.