I wish you knew

I wish you knew how amazing you are.
How brave you are.
How important you are.

I wish you believed that you are deserving of more.
That you are worthy of more.
That you are capable of more.

I wish you saw what I see.
The strength, the courage, the beauty.
How you are capable of so much more than you allow yourself to be.

There comes a day when the fear of being seen and heard is overridden by the urgency to share your message with the world.

Maybe that day is now. Or maybe you can feel it coming soon. 

It will come. Because it is who you are meant to be.

You don't have to convince a flower to bloom,
the sun to rise,
the river to flow,
the wind to blow.

And yet, you hold yourself back from saying what needs to be said.

It is frustrating, not only for you, but for the millions of people who need to hear your story, who need to hear what you have to say.

So, take a deep breath, and release whatever is keeping you small, holding you back, stopping you from going ALL IN.

Release with excitement.
Surrender with ease.
Let go with gratitude.

Then take action. Any action, no matter how small.

Welcome to the first day of your life.

We've been waiting for you.