Stop hiding and go seek

I grew up in the best neighborhood ever. My neighbors were kids around my own age and we would spend hours outside playing in the fields and then pile into the nearest kitchen for a peanut butter sandwich. I had only one rule to follow - be home by sundown. Summers were chasing lightening bugs after a day at the pool.

My favorite memory is playing around-the-neighborhood hide-and-seek. Yep, it's exactly as it sounds. Most of the kids - maybe 10 of us - would break into teams and hide in fields, up in trees, underneath bushes. After dinner, when we were supposed to be in bed, we would sneak out and play under the bright light of the full moon without a care in the world, except maybe ticks (those are no fun at all). 

And, as you can guess, I was a master hider. Inside the safety of tall pine trees were my favorite places to spend time - day or night. 

Today, I am still a master hider, trading in the pine trees for a computer screen.

The only thing that is different is what (or who) I am hiding from.

I have spent my life owning the fact I am a great hider, and now it is time to shift to being an awesome seeker.

I shall seek ways to be seen and heard so my message reaches a larger audience.
I shall seek opportunities to teach what I know so others may learn from my experience.
I shall seek challenges that test my courage and build my confidence.
I shall seek stories to tell, causes to share, actions to take to make the world a better, more connected, more compassionate place to live.

 I shall stop hiding and go seek my life.