You are the problem

You recycle.
You conserve energy.
You donate money.
You vote.
You buy organic and go to farmer's markets.
You sign online petitions.
You volunteer to host house parties and attend charity galas.

You are the problem.

Why do you do all of those wonderful, kind, generous, loving things?

To be nice?
To fit in?
To give back?
To help others?
To uphold an unwritten oath you took to your God?
To avoid, lessen, or dampen the guilt?

Nope. You do these things so you can stay disconnected from the problem. So you can go to bed at night satisfied that you are a good person who helps others - without having to look them in the eyes, without having to feel their pain, without sharing in their desires, and without listening to their fears.

Without having to stare at their face and say, "I am truly sorry."

Because if you were to look them in the eyes, what would happen?

What would you feel?

What would you see?

Will you see a victim of circumstances - which could have been you (or a loved one)?

Will you see a broken man - scared for his future, like you once were?

Will you see a frightened mother, not sure of how to take care of her kids or get away from an abusive relationship, a relationship like you were once in?

Will you see you?

Reality is, we are all one.

The African child starving is you and me.

The refugee on the lifeboat searching for a safe place to begin again is you and me.

The murderer sentenced to death is you and me.

What makes us different from any of those people? What separates us?

Think too much about that and the walls protecting your soul break down.

Then, you begin to realize that you are the problem.

And you are also the solution.

You are the solution to the toughest challenges facing humanity today. You hold the power to light up someone's darkest hour. You can the gift to bring joy, love, peace, and calm into a frantic world.

But only if you are willing to truly see what is happening. To open your heart to the plight of our brothers and sisters. To trust that your capacity to love and give is enough. To connect at the deepest levels with those in need.

Because without connection, there can be no compassion. 

And what the world needs most right now is love.