Listen to your soul's truth

My heart has been so heavy lately with what is going on at Standing Rock. I have to fight back tears - unsuccessfully - every time I see a picture or watch a video of the protestors. I admire their courage and honor their commitment. And I am fascinated by their connection to Mother Earth and their ancestors.

It reminds me of those rare times when I get still enough, quiet enough, to hear my soul’s voice. When she whispers my truth and I am open enough to receive it. It doesn’t happen often, but when I allow her message to come through, it shakes me to the core of my being.

It is so easy to ignore our soul’s truth. We live in a loud, obnoxious, crowded world - both physically and internally with the voices in our head vying for our undivided attention.

And maybe that is why I had been feeling disconnected, frustrated, restless, empty.

You see, I had created a business based on what I had learned, what I had seen others build, what I read in the Facebook groups. I had taken all of the big online courses and new everything I could possibly need to know to grow a 6-figure plus business.

So armed with this knowledge, I started with one-on-one clients, then a signature program, a Facebook group, free challenges, flash sales, complex funnels, tons of opt in pages.

Everything my head said I needed to do. But in the quiet of night, when my soul was awake and demanding to be heard, I would realize this wasn’t right. Something was off. My soul wasn’t happy, fulfilled, excited. I was ignoring my truth, my purpose, my WHY.

But I would wake up to a long to do list and keep pushing through.


And my soul’s truth was ignored. And my business continued to struggle.

Until I stopped.

Stopped pushing.
Stopped hustling.
Stopped running.

I stopped ignoring what my soul was trying to tell me over all these years. That I am here to spark real conversations that create real change in the world.

I am an instigator. Rebel rouser. Dirt kicker. Ripple maker. Humanitarian. Storyteller.

And I am calling out to those of you who are ready to listen to your own soul’s truth - the one that demands you be the change you want to see in the world.

Is that you?