No one wins in a game of Tug-of-War

I have to admit, I feel pretty powerless right now. If this political race has shown me anything, it is that the easiest way to tear a country apart is to make everything - every issue, every problem, every cause, every fear - make it all about us verses them.

Republicans verses Democrats

Trump verses Clinton

RepubliCONS verses Libtards

Alt right verses Liberal MSM

Good verses Evil

Us verses Them

Problem is, what happens on November 9th when "they" won the White House? What is going to happen then?

That thought terrifies me.

If Trump wins, the white supremacists and hate groups will see it as proof they are right and will be emblazoned to rise up and be more vocal. Those that preach hate will think hate is the only language we understand and will continue to chip away at our humanity.

The elite, the 1 per centers, the corporate shills, they will see it as a free pass to keep on destroying our environment, our infrastructure, our communities, our health, our bank accounts, and our dignity. They will take bolder actions that only benefit themselves in the guise of free markets and trickle down bullshit.

It will be like the bullies taking over the high school auditorium during assembly. Chaos. Fear. Lasting impact to our nation's emotional and physical health.

It will be bad. Very bad.

But I fear a Trump loss almost as much. Why?

Because you can't put toothpaste back into the tube once it has been squirted all
over the place - even if you were just joking around and thought it would be funny.

Nope. The racists and the sexists and the heartless and the predators are out. They feel the sunlight on their face. They feel a sense of vindication and even approval. And they have spent the last few months being recharged by the hate being spewed in this country.

And they aren't likely to shut up and be quiet if Clinton wins in November. 

Nope. In the us-verses-them Tug-of-War scenario, no one wins.

The problems stay in the middle and one side may have gotten the flag across the line, but they also have rope burns, leg cramps, bruises and scrapes.

And the other side may have mud on their face, but that comes with an extra dose of determination to "win" the next time around. 

But the problems stuck in the middle - our economy, healthcare, education, immigration, world peace, veterans, national security - they don't just go away when one side wins. It takes everyone working together to fix issues this complex.

So, in an us-verses-them election, no one wins in the end.