Fall in love with the hustle

Most of us set goals and then map out how to reach those objective. We go through our day with one focus - meeting our target. Everything in between is just a task or to-do item; something to check off a list so we feel like we are one step closer to the ultimate prize.

One of my obsessions (and I have many) is Mt. Everest. Successful climbers will spend years training for the expedition, and more than a month on the mountain before making a push for the summit. If and when they reach the top of the world, they have about 20 minutes max. to enjoy it. 

Imagine all of that work for 20 minutes of payoff. Sure, the views are spectacular. But why risk your life for 20 minutes of success?

Because it isn’t about the destination - well, not really.

It’s about pushing yourself beyond the limits of the human body. It’s about going so far outside your comfort zone you create a new field to play on. It’s about setting your mind to something and not stopping until you get it. 

It’s about the journey. 

As entrepreneurs, we are so often focused on the goal - our own personal Mt. Everest, whether is is 6-figure years or 100K months. 

We become so driven to reach a number that we forget to slow down and enjoy the process.

We forget to enjoy our business. 

Marketing becomes something we have to do, not an opportunity to build relationships and support others.

Sales becomes a chore in order to get money (so we can reach our goal), not a curious conversation with a friend to see how you can help them.

Teaching becomes a burden, not a gift from the divine.

Creating becomes a pain, not a responsibility of love.

We become so much about becoming the person at the top of the mountain that we forget to become the person who is so full of gratitude for the chance to even be at Base Camp.

If all you are focused on is getting to the summit just so you can say you did it, then that trip back down the mountain is going to be a nightmare. Every setback is going to be disastrous. Every failure is going to be devastating - maybe even enough to make you turn around and give up.

But if you learn to enjoy climb, embrace the challenge, and dance with the fears, your journey to the top will be a success whether or not you reach the pinnacle.

When you fall in love with the hustle, no one can stop you from reaching your Mt. Everest.