Speak now and forever hold your peace

What if what you most need to hear is what you most need to say? What if what you most need to say is what others most need to hear?

It is a mistake to think that what we are here to say - the message we have been incarnated to spread in this world at this time - is not the same message we need to tell ourselves each day.

We are our message. We are our own story. We give voice and life and meaning and passion and purpose to the words gifted to us by the Divine. When we bypass the ego - the part of us that says we can’t say that or who am I to claim such a thing - when we ignore that chatter in our head and allow the message to flow from our mouths and through our fingers, that is when we create real impact in the world.

It is not our job to question our message. our only job as messengers of God (or Allah or the Divine or the Universe) is to speak our truth.

To find it, first, and then to embrace it as ours to share, then to spend every waking minute finding ways to spread it to as many people as possible so those who need to hear it, those destined to cross our paths at the exact right time in order to receive the message from the Universe, so that when they align with us in that brief moment they hear the message specifically designed for them.

It is as if we were all sent here to Earth with a piece of a code or instructions for how to be the best humans we can be and each of us has to play our role in making sure someone else has their piece of the puzzle so they can continue the mission. we all play a vital part in this complex game - just as the center pieced of a puzzle are no less important than the edges. without your piece, the puzzle is incomplete. 

By remaining silent, by hiding and playing small, you prevent others from completing or even starting their mission. you prevent the puzzle from being completed. You hold the world in your hands and yet you are too scared to share what was given to you to share. You were tasked with just two things to do with this life - love unconditionally and share your message.

What is stopping you from doing that right now?

If you are saying, "I don’t know my message,” then I call bullshit.

Yes, you do.

You just don’t know how to share it. And that is okay.

Or maybe you are too afraid to share it. And that is also okay, as long as you are open to doing it anyway.

Either way, you have to say what needs to be said.

Your message is not going to spread itself. And no one is coming to save you from your fears.

It’s up to you. 

Speak now and forever hold your peace.