The day all fucks went away

Are you afraid of your own voice?
Are you ignoring your power, your gift, your capabilities, your responsibilities?
Are you sitting on the sidelines wondering why you aren’t protesting, leading, sharing, being a changemaker?
Are you not speaking out and encouraging others to do the same?
Are you hiding?

I totally get it. I was, too. Until today, actually. But no longer.

I often thought I would do more, be more.

But when faced with an opportunity to take a stand, perhaps for the first time in my life, I failed miserably.

Issues, causes, and values I hold dear to my heart are under attack. Women’s health, LGBTQ rights, environmental protections, arts and humanities, taking care of the most vulnerable, social safety nets are all being eroded under this new administration. The very heart of what makes America great - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - is being overridden by a petty despot and his greedy minions.

And where am I?

Am I on the front lines of the almost weekly protests?

Am I leading communities to action against legislation?

Am I speaking out about what is going on and encouraging others to participate?


I am hiding.

From myself. From my emotions. From the anxiety I can’t seem to shake. From the fear of what will be. From the heartache and pain so many impacted by these changes will experience.

But no more.

Fuck this shit.

Want to hurt the poor and destroy our environment? No fucking way.

Want to eliminate the arts and ignore the sciences? Not this time.

Want to lie to the American people, stomp on our rights, and round up those that are deemed “illegal” all in the name of making America great again? Not on my watch.

Want to make yourself feel better because this was destined to happen? Shut the fuck up.

Who am I to be so bold?

I am a dreamer. A schemer. A writer. A creator.

I am a rebel.

I am here to speak out.

To help others speak out.

To bring compassion, connection, community, and creativity to the world.

To be human and spirit. Messy and awake. Judgmental and accepting. Broken and whole. Paralyzed and fearless.

To help people who are tired of being silent, tired of being comfortable, tired of playing small.

I help them create copy that creates ripples. Tell their story in a way that transforms themselves and their community. Build businesses that create impact in profound ways. Make money that allows true freedom and service.

I shifted when I stopped being silent.

I let go of the fucks and wrote my truth.

Now it is your turn.

How have you been hiding? What are you so  afraid of saying that you would rather stay silent than speak out? And what can we do to get you out there in a bold way to be your truth?

Leave me a comment below. Or if you aren’t ready yet, or if you want a hand to hold, let’s connect.