Message to Self (and maybe you, too)

What I am here to do is clear.

Travel the world and listen to women's stories.
Share those stories in a way that sparks conversation, inspires action, opens hearts, and transforms minds.
Use their stories to create tangible change and make the world better place through connection, compassion, community, and creativity.

Even my oracle cards tell me so. Here is sample of a card I pull every single time I use this deck:

(from Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck)

You are not meant to play small.
You have the ability (and responsibility) to dream BIG.
Your vision is meant to be yours.
Let go of the limiting beliefs, and limited thinking, and open up to fearless acceptance of bigger, brighter, more radical and more potent possibilities of creatively bringing your light to life.


This is what you are being called to do. It always has been. It has never left you. Never wavered.

It has been waiting for you to ...

Find yourself.
Figure it out.
Determine the perfect time.
Have the right experience.
Learn all the things.
Have more confidence.
Be fully ready. Have all the details. Be in complete control.

Get over yourself and realize that you can't outrun your true calling.

It lives in your heart.

You can feel it in the pit of your stomach.

A spark, flickering burning embers, ready to be stoked, yearning for the fuel to release the fire (aka truth) within.

Pile on the wood. Pour on the gasoline. Do whatever it takes to fan the flames so the heat inside burns so bright it breaks through the fears and doubt to light up the world.

You already have everything you need.

It's all inside you.

Listen to your soul.
Honor your purpose.
Live your passion.
Step into the fire.

Burn it all down so you can rise up into who you are meant to be.

The you who is here to change the world.