What if it were easy?

Humans are complex creatures. We are addicted to drama. Thrive in chaos. Come alive when faced with our own immortality.

It is no wonder why we makes this so damn difficult for ourselves. A quick visit to the closet between work and a night out with friends ends up with a pile of clothes on the floor and an exasperated, “I have nothing to wear.” A peek inside the fridge for a snack leads to a full-on meal to satisfy an immediate craving. A plan to increase sales turns into a massive undertaking with a large budget and market research - as well as extra stress.

In every case, we brought the pain of confusion and overwhelm into existence. Maybe because of past traumas or current fears. Maybe as a way of avoiding the real issue or procrastinating something we don’t really want to do.

In every case, we had complete control over the situation. We could have worn what we already had on instead of trying to find something to impress our friends. We could have decided what to eat before opening the fridge or even pre-plan snacks so the decision is taken out of our hands. We could have looked at other ways to bring in revenue or picked a less complicated solution that would bring the same results.

What I recognize about myself in these situations is this… The more complex my solution, the more in denial I am about the results I truly want. My desires are not hard to reach. My purpose is not an impossible ask. My dreams are not dependent upon a wild scheme that involves anyone but me.

In every case, I chose complex over easy so I would have something to blame instead of taking full responsibility for the outcomes I create.

What do I want? Then do that.

It is as easy as pie.
(Eating pie, not making it because that is difficult. Or not. It’s up to you.)

It’s when I create a story around WHY I deserve that outcome that I mess things up, like I have to prove myself worthy of what I want in order to receive it.

The truth is … I am worthy of all that I desire right now, as I am. And the path to that desire is already available to me. I have to trust that it is as easy as I want it to be.

Easy doesn’t mean I don’t have to work for it. Easy doesn’t mean I don’t have to face my fears or struggle to bring it into reality.

Easy means it isn’t as complex as I am making it out to be. Easy means I have everything I need right now to make it happen.

So why don’t I have everything I want in life right now?

Because even though I know I deserve what I desire and that achieving it is easy if I follow my intuition and listen to what my soul wants (she always knows the way), I am still at the mercy of my ego.

It is likely you are, too.

As I release those shackles, one by one, I’ll share how I did it and the results that brought me. If you want to follow along, great. If you want to share your own experiences, I would love that. Leave me a comment so I can watch you shed those weights of complexity.