You already have all the answers

When I get stuck, I mean really stuck, it is always because I am asking the wrong question with the wrong body part. I get caught up in the HOW and asking my brain (via my ego) what I am supposed to do next. It never turns out well.

It’s my brain that convinces me I don’t know enough so I should buy another training program.

It’s my brain that reminds me of all the times I failed so this time I have to play it safe.

It’s my brain that shouts, “Who do you think you are?” and then thoroughly tells me who I am by comparing me to every single person on Instagram.

But when I drop into my heart and ask my soul, that is when the magic happens.

It’s my soul that shows me what I am capable of.

It’s my soul that holds by dreams in front of me as a map to follow.

It’s my soul that believes in me like nobody else in the world.

It’s when I get really quiet, when I see her standing before me, do I understand what I am really asking. And then I ask a different question.

It’s not “What do I do next? How do I get unstuck?”

It’s “What do I want to do next? What is in the best service to my higher self? What brings me closer to bringing my vision to reality?

Those questions I can answer, and the answers aren’t focused on products or content or trainings.

It doesn’t mean the answers are easy. Or what I (via my ego) want to do. It isn’t about playing it safe or staying small. It isn’t the most convenient.

My soul almost always sends me back to my writing. To my relationships. To my service to the world.

That’s where it all starts and ends, so of course all of my answers will be found in that space.

I don’t know why it takes me so long to get there.

Maybe one day I will learn to listen to my soul first.

It sure would make life a lot easier to remember that I already have all the answers.

I already know the HOW. I was born with it.

And so were you.