Doing nothing is saying something

If you are afraid of speaking out because it might hurt your business, then your business is a lie.

If you are afraid of speaking up because it might interfere with your message, then your message is a lie. 

If you are afraid of taking a stand because it might turn away prospects for your program, then your program is a lie.

If you are afraid of doing what is right because you don't want to take sides on a social platform, then your social presence is a lie.

And if you are afraid of saying something because you believe it isn't your place or you aren't political, then you are living a lie.

This isn't about politics.

This is about being human. What is right. What is wrong.

Your business is an extension of you. Your message is your truth. Your programs and services are your gifts to the world.

If you want to say something, but don't want to be judged, then know this: you are being judged for not saying something.

Shining a light on the shadow of America doesn't automatically make the ugliness hiding in the dark go away. But it does expose it to the truth - and that truth is love. 

You have a choice: To say something or to do nothing.

And doing nothing is saying something.