Your message isn't for everyone, but it should harm no one.

Sometimes a friend lets you down. They do something that hurts your heart, not intentionally, but that doesn't lessen the pain. And when you call them out on it, they drive the knife into your heart a little further. That is when the pain really sets in. Maybe they responded from ego. Maybe you didn't make your point clear enough. Maybe Facebook isn't the best place to allow friendships to fall apart.

As you can guess, this happened to me recently. A friend posted a powerful story about her relationship with her body and how she believes the body positive movement was doing more harm than good and that if you really want to love your body, if you truly love yourself, you would be fit, active, and healthy.

Think about how that lands with those who have disabilities or chronic illnesses or are fat like me.

What do you think we will take away from that message? That we can't love ourselves? That we don't deserve to love ourselves? That only women who look a specific way are worthy or capable of self-love?

Your message is your message and must be shared, but not at the expense of others.

Yes, you have something to say and an audience that needs to hear it. And it is vital that you get your message out into the world in many ways and on multiple formats. It is your responsibility to make sure it lands with those who will use that message to activate and/or inspire their own life's purpose.

But it is also your responsibility to do no harm to those who will read your message and interpret it in a way that could permanently damage how they see themselves.

Choose more powerful, inclusive words and I promise it will land with more impact on those who need to hear it and cause no harm to anyone else.