We're all just stories in the end...

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone deserves to be heard.

It's what I live my life by. What I've built my business on. How I approach each person and every situation.

What is the story that needs to be shared at this time? What story will have the most impact? What story will spark the most conversation or create the most change?

We are all made up of lots of stories.

Some true. Some not. Some made to protect us. Some designed to inspire us. 

Stories. Stories that we write of ourselves, by ourselves, for ourselves.

To share those stories with another is the most courageous thing you can do. It is wildly intimate, raw, vulnerable, edgy, uncomfortable.

And to witness the telling of a story by another, to be present with their words, to peek inside their mind and their soul, what a gift that is. 

You may believe, falsely, that you don't have a story to share. That you have nothing worthy to say. Nothing important has happened to you. You're nothing special. Who would listen to you, anyway?

That is, of course, a lie. A deep crazy wild lie.

We are all stories. We each have a voice. Given something to say. Something that someone else needs to hear.

Someone needs to hear your story. 

Someone is waiting for you to speak up. To share your story. Bare your soul. Be brave in the face of conformity. 

Not knowing what your story is, yet, well, that can be fixed. There is a solution to that. I can help with that.

But not believing you have a story deep down worth sharing. That is on you. 

And not just story, but stories.

To quote The Doctor, my raggedy doctor, "We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"