Release your inner rebel

I’ve never been a rebel. Well, except that one year in college when I worked at the school radio station and spent weekends dressed like a confused goth/grunge rocker - Doc Martens, black eyeliner, big hair, bleached jeans, the works.

But mostly, I’ve spent my life not rocking the boat. Not drawing attention to myself. Staying in the background.

I explained it away as my place in life: the supporter, the cheerleader, the helper, the do-gooder. I’m not meant to be seen. I help those in the spotlight.

That’s the story I’ve been telling myself. The role I gave myself in the movie of my life. And it works for me.

Until it no longer works for me.

Something happens when you realize how numb and comfortable you have become.

Like sitting weirdly on your foot. It all feels normal until you try to stand up and walk. Then reality (and gravity) take over and you wobble around before hitting the floor.


There comes a time when being an enabler to other’s comfort/hiding/playing small is no longer an option, either.  

A time when being liked is no longer as important as helping my clients find their voice and share their story.

A time when being seen as the person who will gently and lovingly keep you in your safe zone is not serving either of us.

Your playing small serves no one.

Not your story. Not your message.
Not your purpose. Not your passion.
Not your clients. Not your business.

That doesn’t mean you have to be reckless or careless or go crazy. You want to be a rebel, not a pirate.

Chaos doesn’t change the world.
Connection does.

So, connect your story to your passion, your message to your purpose, your marketing to your mission, and watch how the Universe rewards your courage.

Release your inner rebel and watch her thrive.